Please be advised Juvenile cases are strictly confidential – no information will be given on the phone.  Parties wishing to obtain information must present identification establishing themselves to be parties to the case.

The Juvenile Court is responsible for handling matters regarding minors (persons under 18 years of age). The judges in Juvenile Court hear delinquency cases involving minors charged with violations of the law and dependency cases involving minors who have been neglected or abused.

For more information about Juvenile Delinquency and Dependency, visit the California Courts Self-Help website:

Juvenile Delinquency

The Welfare and Institutions Code, starting at section 602, describes the Court's jurisdiction over misdemeanors and felonies committed by minors.  For certain serious crimes, the law currently provides the possibility of trying juveniles as adults in the Adult Criminal Court.    

For information on Juvenile Delinquency cases contact:

Sierra County Probation Department


100 Courthouse Square
Second Floor
Downieville, CA 95936

Phone: (530) 289-3277
105 Beckwith Road
Loyalton, CA 96118

Juvenile Dependency

The California Welfare and Institutions Code, starting at section 300, sets forth the legal requirements, process and objectives for Dependency Court. Dependency matters are filed with the Court when there are reports that children have been abandoned, abused or neglected by their parent(s) or legal guardian. These cases are also filed with the Court when parents or legal guardians are unable or unwilling to care for their children.

For information on Juvenile Dependency cases contact:

Sierra County Child Protective Services


22 Maiden Lane
P.O. Box 38
Downieville, CA 95936

Phone: (530) 289-3711

24 Hour Emergency Contact:
(530) 289-3720
202 Front Street
P.O. Box 1019
Loyalton, CA 96118

Phone: (530)-993-6700