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Restraining Orders


Websites you visit on any device may be viewed by someone else later. Be sure to clear your browsing history after browsing the web. Other options include using a friend's computer or a library computer.

Types of Restraining Orders

A Restraining Order is an order issued by the Court which is meant to protect a person from harm or harassment. There are several types of Restraining Orders, use this table to find out which one best fits your situation and follow the appropriate link to learn more on the California Courts website.

People Involved Type Required
Neighbor or other unrelated person

Civil harrassment

Family members, current or former individuals with whom you have been intimate or had a relationship

Domestic Violence

A person 65 years or older or a dependent adult and there are allegations of physical, financial, mental/emotional abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Elder / Dependent Adult Abuse

Workers and/or managers

Workplace Violence

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