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General Information

Welcome to the Sierra Superior Court General Info section. Here you will find contact information, career opportunities, ADA information and more.

  • ADA

    Access for all citizens.

  • Contact Info/Location

    Where to find us.

  • Court Calendars

    View our daily calendars.

  • Court Holidays

    Court closures.

  • Court Interpreters

    Find a court interpreter.

  • Employment

    Working for the Superior Court in Sierra County.

  • Judicial Profiles

    About our presiding judges.

  • Jury Service

    For persons serving or noticed to serve on a jury.

  • Public Records Requests

    How to access judicial administrative records.

Requests for Judicial Administrative Records

Notice: Requests for judicial administrative records pursuant to California Rules of Court 10.500, should be directed to Ann Mendez, Court Executive Officer, at 100 Courthouse Square, Downieville, CA 95936.

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