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Jury Service

Reporting for Service

Jury Service is mandatory and prospective jurors names are obtained from voter registration and DMV records. Service may be required as often as once per year and can be from one day to the length of one trial, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. Business casual attire is suggested. Shorts, tank tops and logo t-shirts are not appropriate courtroom attire.

Check Juror Status before reporting for service.  You will need the juror badge and group number as shown on your summons. 


Parking is limited in the Courthouse parking lot and is being reserved for anyone with limited mobility.  Additional parking is available below the Courthouse at the US Forest Service North Yuba Trailhead parking lot.  Please follow the signs to this parking area.

Courthouse Directions

ADA Access and Parking


Individuals entering any court building may be screened through security devices. Do not bring any knives scissors, handwork needles, metal fingernail files, screwdrivers, tools or any other sharp objects, or items that may possibly be used as a weapon. All weapons are prohibited and items considered weapons will be confiscated.

Check In

When you first arrive at the courthouse, please check in as directed by the sign on the first floor of the courthouse. Be sure to bring your summons with you.

Verification of Service

If requested, a Jury Verification form will be provided at the end of your service stating all the days you were in attendance.


All jurors will be paid fifteen dollars ($15) for each day of jury duty beginning on the second day of service and for each day of service thereafter. All jurors will be paid one-way standard rate mileage beginning on the second day of service and for each day of service thereafter.

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