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How to Claim Monies that are Proposed for Escheatment by Sierra Superior Court

What is Escheatment?

Escheatment is the process of transferring ownership rights in property to a government agency when the property has no known owner, the owner cannot be found, or the owner has refused to accept the property. Government Code section 68084.1 provides superior courts the authority to escheat unclaimed monies under certain conditions.

Current Proposed Escheatment

Claiming Funds

If you believe that you, or a person for whom you are a legal guardian or representative, are entitled to all or a portion of the funds held by the Superior Court of California, County of Sierra you must complete and submit the two claim forms and other information as required by the deadline provided in the applicable escheatment notice.

Please type or print legibly in blue or black ink. Claims that are illegible will not be processed. Claims must be made using the Court's forms and any modifications made to the Court's forms will not be accepted.

Claimants may submit completed claim forms only by mail and will be notified of whether their claim has been approved or denied by no later than 61 days after the submission deadline.

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