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39.558822, -120.830246

Sierra County Superior Court

100 Courthouse Square
Downieville, CA 95936
Phone: Court Clerk's Office (530) 289-3698
FAX: Court Clerk's Office (530) 289-0205
Email: Court Clerk's Office

Telephone Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

From Nevada City/Grass Valley:

Take Highway 49 north to Downieville. Once in town, turn right at the Union 76 station, cross the bridge, and go up a short hill. The courthouse will be the large white building with the blue roof on the right.

From Truckee:

Take Highway 89 to Highway 49 south toward Downieville. Once in town, turn left at the stop sign, go one block and turn left at the Union 76 Station. After you cross the bridge and go up a short hill, the courthouse will be the large white building with the blue roof on the right.

For current road conditions, call 1-800-427-ROAD (1-800-427-7623) or check on-line at CA Dept. of Transportation  or Sierra County Alerts.

Parking: Parking located next to building.
ADA Access:
  1. In the courthouse parking lot, proceed to the far left (south side) of the building where there is an additional parking space reserved for ADA and elevator access.
  2. Look for the handicapped parking space and elevator instructions regarding access to the court offices and courtroom on the 2nd floor. The elevator is located at the rear (west side) of the building.
  3. Press the speaker button on the right of the elevator doors and the Sheriff's dispatcher will inquire your name and purpose before allowing you access to the court offices.
  4. Arriving at the interior 2nd floor hallway, court staff will accompany you to the courtroom or court offices.
  5. Download ADA Building Access Map

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